About Our Company

Betazed Software Solutions was founded by three folks who decided that the morass of digital agencies out there often lacked the transparency, honesty, and attention to detail that delivered to the client a first-rate build in an environment of mutual respect. Two of these folks had gone through their own stints as interns and employees with firms offering templated web products or products designed to require constant maintenance with ongoing costs. Both had free-lanced after that for over a decade. The third came from a 40-year career as a wholesale/retail business owner, with the last 15 years as an online retailer. Mad code and design meets brick and mortar common sense, resulting in a very agile firm that not only understands the latest requirements by Google to get SEO results in a variety of languages and builds, but also the real-life requirements of clients who need to address shipping in an e-commerce platform, customer retention software, and the way information must display on the site to make individual visitors comfortable through the navigation and the brand.


The main focus is our desire to find the best possible solution to the build, whether it is a website, mobile app or software solution. To this end we want the client to be as involved as possible, with ongoing input and comments, but we also understand that all businesses require a firm hand at the wheel.

Knowledge is POWER!

We are building into the Betazed website a knowledge base, where information and terms are explained. We want transparency. The fact that a client may not know exactly what they want or how to accomplish it at the outset does not mean that, at the end, they cannot be fully knowledgeable about what they have purchased.

Solutions to Problems

There are a lot of digital solutions, from small templates and CMS (content management) systems to scratch-build unique websites and software. From small starter sites (smart for new businesses) to larger builds for more complex solutions, we will work with you to identify exactly what you NEED!

Why Choose Us!

When your build is complete and paid for, you own it. It is transferable to any host you choose, or you can choose to leave it with us to host and maintain (a fee-based service). All your hard work does not disappear just because you change hosts, as happens at WIX and Go-Daddy. You OWN it!

As you may have guessed by now, these are old-school American Business values, based on strong relationships with our clients through education, a quality product, honesty, and transparency. While we appreciate the some may need to build and work with another host, our goal is to create those relationships that last and grow with your business.

You know where to find us!